Monday, October 8, 2012

Cumming Country Fair

The first weekend in October we headed to the Cumming fair with our friends the Loving's, Ames' and Tabor's. This is a yearly tradition and we have been going to the fair with our friends- The Loving's- for the last 5 years. We went to the Marietta fair the first year together, and the Cumming fair ever since. In the last couple of years other friends have joined us as well, and we always have lots of fun. We went on Saturday to the free admission and ride day. The first hour was all free and this year Kayden was able to go on the kiddie rides! The first ride was the boats and we were unsure of how she would react because adults can't go on the ride with the kids. Well, to say she loved it would be an under statement!  She squealed, screamed and waved the whole time! We also visited the petting barn- which is always a hit. We even ran into our friends The Teel's and The Bignon's as well. It was a fun day.

Ivy and Trav on the planes

Kayden's first fair ride !

Kai on the plane ride

Riding the worm with Tristan and Tucker Teel 

She loved the carousel! 

Little girls hanging out- Juni and Kendall 

Kayden and I with Krissy and Nicholas 

Nicole and I with our sweet girls 

                       Sydney and Elliot far left and Savannah far right, they loved the roller coaster

Kayden with the Ames' trio 

Every year this a food vendor called "Spivey's", wonder if we are related :) 

Last year and this year 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

On the farm

At the end of September we headed to Old Baker Farm. Kayden and I were in Birmingham visiting my parents, and we wanted to go to a local pumpkin patch. Last year we went to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, but I found out about Old Baker Farm this year, and wanted to try out something knew. It was fun with lots of activities. They had a petting zoo area, corn maze, hay maze, and a 2 mile ride out to an actual pumpkin patch. You picked your pumpkin right off of the vine, and they had all shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. I think we will visit Old Baker Farm again in the future.

With mom in the hay maze 

She loves the animals just like her mama

She loved the hay ride 

Picking out the best one 

Fun on the horse swing with Grandaddy 

Pumpkin Patch last year and this year 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

21 months

On September 2, 2012 Kayden turned 21 months- 3 months until 2- I can't believe it! I know it's cliche but time goes by so fast, and I can't believe we are inching our way towards 2 in December. 

Some things to remember at this age- This is more for me, to use as a journal, as I know people probably aren't too interested in reading about all of this and there is a lot written: 

-  We are definitely into the toddler phase, and temper tantrums are in full force. In the last couple of months K has become very strong-willed and wanting to be independent.  She doesn't want you to try and help with food, ex., feeding yogurt or holding a cup for her, she wants to do it. So while it can be tough it's still interesting to see the independence come out.-
-   While there are challenging days there are so many fun and rewarding things to go along with it.
-   She is such a sweet girl and gives kisses often, when you ask her, and loves to come up behind you when you are on the floor or sitting on the couch and hug you from behind. 
-  She loves playing with the kitchen everyday still, and prefers it many times over other toys.
-  She loves sweeping with her broom and pushing the shopping cart too.
- Still loves playing with Matt's iphone and has gotten really good and figuring out how to work it and play games. 
- She still sleeps really good- although she has been having a harder  time going down at night. But she will still sleep 11-12 hours, and longs naps. 
- We have a soft photo book with pictures of our immediate family and we go through it often to work on learning all the names.  Hasn't quite gotten the grandparents names yet, but will say "mama- sometimes when pointing to "Granmama"- or the same with Grandaddy- will say daddy when pointing to one of the granddads- so I thinks she's starting to pick up on it more. 
- Most of all she loves her furry sister Macie, she wants to hug on her and follow her around all the time, and Macie is so great with her. 
- She loves to read and look at books, and especially the "Songs that go book" She loves for us to sing the songs for her and her favorites are "Wheels on the bus" "If you're happy and you know it", and a new one" Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". The other night we were singing it and she was trying to imitate the sound and sing it back, you could tell what it was by  the inflection in her voice, even if she wasn't really getting the words out. 
- She keeps us laughing and smiling, she is such a blessing!

Here are a few pictures of our 21 month "photo session":

September 2- 21 months today, and first game day of the season

Our chair pictures were a few days after her actually turning 21 months. At one year I started doing the chair pictures once every 3 months, it has gotten harder as Kayden is too busy to want and sit still for pictures. I was by myself taking them so I used a book to help entertain :) 

 She is saying lots of words, and repeats often. Some things she is saying a lot or has said lately: 
- Elmo
- Car
- Baby
- Cake 
- Cookie 
- Rock- and loves playing with them 
- Hotdog- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse probably contributed to this one :) 
- Hot - when picking up the oven mitt from her kitchen. So she is making the connection of seeing us use it with the stove and tell her the stove is hot.  
- More- especially when wanting more to eat
-- All Done
- Let's Go
- What's that?
- Ba-Ba- says this all the time referreing to our dog Macie.
- It's the Ba- she calls our dog Macie- "ba" or ba-ba" for some reason, so I guess she is saying "It's Macie" or "there's Macie" 
- Will point to your or her nose, eyes, ears and mouth and say all of the parts. Matt and I were talking the other day and she just came up and "out of the blue "starting pointing to each part and naming it, too funny. 
- We are working on colors, letters and numbers. Just trying talk about them more often, and work on them. We have some letter flashcards and other color/word books we go through often. 


- She is wearing a size 5 diaper, and 24 month- 2t clothes. Some shirts are 3t. Some 18-24 month fits, but a lot of it is getting too small. 
- I took her to get a flu shot the other day and she weighs 33 lb., not sure on her height. We don't go back to the doctor until her 2 year check-up, so we will see then. So she is still big for her age, and hasn't really slowed down much at all. People have commented lately that she seems to be getting taller. 
- She has become much more picky with food lately, and the main foods she want is pb and j, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. 
- She still loves yogurt and cheese- and rarely would turn these down. 
- Her new favorite is canteloupe, and she still loves strawberries and bananas. Tried pear and mandarin oranges again the other day, but didn't want either. 
- She did eat some bakes beans the other day- which is rare because she usually want do any veggies or beans at all.  
- She has big sweet tooth like her mommy and daddy.

well, back at it, hopefully?

So I haven't blogged in forever. I kept telling myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to make it a resolution to get back into blogging. I love reading other people's blogs, but haven't updated mine. I will think about it and say,
"ok today's the day, I am going to post something, but it hasn't happened." I guess with a toddler, going back to school, and other life things it's just harder to do right now.
So, this is my attempt to blog again, and catch up from the last year-hopefully. I plan to start with current stuff, but I want to go back and post about lots of things that have happened over the last year as well. Maybe one day I will get caught up, right? :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At the park...

When we were in Birmingham over Labor Day, we were able to meet up with Jenn and Brayden, Jenn Shell and Dusty. It was the first time we had all been together in a long time. I see them fairly often on a one-on-one basis, but it's not often we are able to all get together. We missed not seeing April and the kids, as they weren't able to make it.

Friends having fun on the swings 

 Big girls enjoying the swings too

yummy popsicles!

Love these girls and miss seeing them more often. 


Bff's with our "babies"  :)

With their "aunts" 

It was nice to hang and chat, and catch up with what is going on in our lives. Kayden and Brayden had lots of fun running around and playing.  Kayden was so hot and sweaty when we left- a sign of lots of good fun.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Kayden and I headed to Birmingham over Labor Day weekend. Matt stayed back in Atlanta to get caught up on school stuff before getting busy with intramurals.

We went home on Friday and made it in time to meet my mom for lunch. Saturday we hung around the house, and made a visit to Gigi's cupcakes, and a few stores. Kayden loved the cupcakes!
Saturday was also the first game day of the season, and Kayden and I were sporting our Auburn wear.
Sunday we didn't make it to church, but ate lunch at home and played more around the house. Sunday afternoon we met up with Jenn/Brayden, Jenn Ss and Dusty at the park in T'ville. Monday my grandma came over for lunch and we got to visit with her for a while.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

She loved the cupcake! 

Debbie met up with us at Gigi's.

Mom and Kayden on game day.

Playing with my parent's cat- mama kitty. 

Reading books with Great-Grandma

hanging out on the deck 

"Kids" with Granmama 

quick pic with Granmama and Grandaddy

Grandpa's divided: Kayden was showing her support for both of her granddad's teams :)

First game of the season: This year vs. Last 

Meanwhile Matt was back at home enjoying steak and potatoes 
in the quiet, peaceful house :)